DevLog #3 – What’s Been Going On?

I’ll start by saying that obviously it’s been much longer than anticipated between updates. Suffice to say, there’s been quite a lot going on with work and in my personal life that have added to this particular delay. Progress on ThruTheTrees has continued after a break for the holidays and I’m looking forward to what the new year will bring. I’ll take some time here to outline some things that I’ve been working on, and talk about what’s next…

Put together a new treant mob. I’m really pleased with the fire particles. AI still needs some tweaking and I’d like to give it a special attack or two, but it’s pretty convincing so far.

There are 5 different clothing types that can be crafted. Each type has multiple material options to choose from. The armor types will provide various bonuses to player skills. In addition, the game will allow for lots of customization via hairstyles and color options for eyes and skin tone.

The player will have the ability to craft over 50 unique weapon alloys and enchant them with elemental magic. Enemies in the game will be balanced based on elemental affinities that the player will need to account for (Example: Fire weapons deal double damage against Ice and half damage against Water elementals).

Continued focus on “juice” and “game feel”. Above you see a color-changing motion blur effect and below some particle effects for a critical hit. I’ve spent some time working on some additional particle effects for future elemental magic.

I’ve also been planning and working on some special player abilities, like this jumping stomp move that knocks back and stuns enemies.

Until next time folks!

7 thoughts on “DevLog #3 – What’s Been Going On?”

  1. just checked this out by looking at your design notes on inventory systems, this looks REAL good. people who use game maker studio usually get shit for using GM which discourages me, but seeing cool as hell stuff like this being made gives me hope that maybe my future projects wont be garbage. interested to see what’ll become of this game!

    1. Thank you so much! This project started as a creative outlet for me during a time that I desperately needed it in my life. I don’t have any prior experience with GMS. It’s really all about challenging yourself to see what you can accomplish. Here I am now almost 2 years into development and I don’t think I really could have planned for it. After the initial prototype got positive feedback I decided to give it a real shot. Don’t let anyone sway your opinion of something if you can see value in it. Keep working towards your goal. Any amount of small progress is still progress. I have a full time job and do this on the side and yet I’ve found that if you put in even 30 minutes or an hour a day before long what you have is much more than what you had before, and it just keeps on growing. There is a wealth of knowledge available online, I encourage you to keep on developing. I look forward to seeing what you create in the future as well.

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