DevLog #4 – Spring Has Finally Sprung

Seasons Greetings

Hello again. We’ve finally gotten some nice weather here and I figure that it’s about time for a progress report. I have some fun things to share, hope you’re all doing well!

First up, we have the fishing system coming along quite nicely:

The screen shakes and your rod jiggles when you have a bite. Once a fish is on the hook, reel them in when you get a signal. Fill the bar all the way to catch the fish! It still needs a little tweaking, and I’ve yet to add different varieties of fish but I’m pretty happy with what I have so far.

Next up, new buildings! I’ve put together a farm house, barn, and stable. You can see a sample below, as well as a new hair style and a visually much improved UI in the screenshot. The center dial rotates with the time of day and you can hover over to get a few extra weather-related stats.

Rather than filling the player’s inventory and chests with chopped wood and stone mined from rocks to use as building materials, I decided to just have dedicated slots like gold so that the player doesn’t need to micro manage as many raw materials. Currently, the player is capped at storing 1000 of each. The foundations for crafting structures on your farm is also in place. Here’s a quick demo of laying down some fences:

Also up, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the art. I wasn’t completely happy with the crops and redrew the 350+ pieces to better match the art style for the game. Here’s a before-and-after sample of the starfruit crop:

And here’s another .gif showing off some of the new-and-improved crop cycles. Since it’s officially Spring I thought I’d show off some of the game’s Spring crops:

I’ve also implemented a water reflection shader that I think looks pretty nice.

That’s all for now. Until next time…

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